Calumet Brand Products

Exclusive products for photographers

Excellent value for money, tailored for photographers

The Calumet brand contains many high-quality products from very different categories, such as „flash and daylight“, „bags and backpacks“, „camera and lamp tripods“, „filters“ and lots of accessories. Calumet products offer excellent value for money because we can produce them ourselves and set our quality standards. Since we know the needs of our customers, you will find many thought-out products that are precisely tailored to these needs.

Diverse and full selection

As you will see, it is an extremely diverse and full selection that is geared for just about every conceivable photographic application, from basic accessories, such as background papers and tripods, to more sophisticated and specialized products, from studio lighting to wireless remote camera-triggering devices. All products have been designed to meet the needs of today’s active photographer, whether you work at your leisure out in the field or within the everyday demands of the studio.

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